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Overview on How to Mend Sprinkler System


A well-gutted yard is dependent upon proper watering, which in turn is accomplished perfectly if it is done with a functional sprinkler system. However, similar to any system, sprinkler systems have their own set of flaws that develop after years of use. This article shares ideas on sprinkler system repair and also suggests preventative maintenance methods that can be done with backyards prospering.

Identifying Sprinkler System Issues

The initial step is identifying the warning signs which is the key. Symptoms can be seen in several forms such as news of pooling or a very dry patch in addition to uneven watering. Spouts indicating sprinkler heads that are broken can tap, become clogged, or malfunction and therefore should be repaired or replaced. Low water pressure is due to blockage pipes or the regulator is damaged. If you find that your pipes are bubbling but no water is coming out, there problem might be due to a broken pipe, a leak, or a timer malfunction.

Addressing Sprinkler System Problems

To this DIY connoisseur, most tasks can be done with a toolbox and a selection of suitable supplies. Sometimes the clogged sprinkler heads can be fixed by putting water in them or with a soft brush. Correcting wrong disposition can assist in steering water flow in a preferred manner. If SWS is a broken sprinkler head, the replacement of the sprinkler is usually a simple procedure. Little drips could be found by using repair clamps, in pipes.

Calling a Professional

In this matter, some matters could be handled by buying necessary materials regardless of the complexity of the case, while the complex and very important things should be taken care of by the experts themselves. Think along the line of calling an expert specialized in sprinkler system repairs when it comes to hidden leaks which need a lot of activities such as layering the ground to locate bellow ground problems. Instead of buying broken valves that are replaced with similar or proper tools, specialists need to be brought in, which in turn proves difficult as specific knowledge is needed.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

Maintenance regularly is important to avoid breakdowns and will ensure the longevity of the sprinkler system. Make an appointment with a professional once a year, to let him assess the possible problems and do maintenance routinely. Make sure you have winterized your system properly by draining and preparing it to avoid freezing it which will create damage. Frequently cache sprinkler heads from the winter season that will remove the dirt in it and ensure that it will work well.


The sprinklers with a system function perfectly keep your lawn healthy and green. By fixing problems as early as you can, trying to get them fixed provided it’s possible, and when there is no other option but to call in technicians for complex problems; you can be able to operate your sprinkler system as you may want for years. Remember that preventative maintenance is the best preemptive strategy for watering your lawn correctly. Prevention avoids expensive repairs as well as attractive healthy grass.



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